Pink Edged

Hello ,Long time…..

I know I have been quite a little delayed for the second post . Past few days have been so tiring and hectic,had to do lot of college stuff and articles . Above all, my friend who clicks my pictures has been super occupied with his trips and other plans . So finally yesterday we both could make time , meet up and shoot the post . The nature wasn’t willing for it though and it started raining, Ughhhhhhh. I know right so many things to be taken care of for a shoot ,LOL.

So most of you know that immense number of online stores have opened up lately just processing products on instagram . I was just wondering how cool it is to get the consideration and guarantee about the goods directly from the founder of the store . STYLIST WOMANIYA is one store that provides you an all in one stop and shop era. Everything is available clothing,accessories and also footwear. My first purchase from this store was the pink blazer that I have worn in this post . It is so chic and adds that bright glam to any look .  Later on my love towards these products went on and I started buying more and more  . You should really give this store a shot .

Now coming to the look , I wanted it to be all pinky ,pinky haha I know so chic . I opted for an animal print top and black high waist pant .So, this was all a little plain and I added the magic of colour with pink blazer . If you look at the neck piece it consists of like all the colours in the pallette , going with any outfit . I was lucky to grab that last piece . I kept the footwear simple with a pastel kind of pink colour .

Hope you guys like it 🙂







Top – Mango, Pant – Forever 21, Blazer & Neck piece – Stylist Womaniya ,Rings – Cyankart, Bag – Coach , Footwear – Carlton London Heels (Flipkart)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. sanju says:

    loOkng dam cute..!!!!


  2. Shashi says:

    I can’t believe it..I wore something similar to this on my birthday but with a side slit skirt❤btw looking cute❤


    1. Haha that’s sweet love and thank you shashi


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