Summer Skirt

As I told  I’ll be flooding you with the posts . Summers get on my nerves . I barely can tolerate this heat . China was far better so cool and relaxing . The minute I landed in India I was roasted and began sweating  . My place literally has 48°C , this heat is freaking me out daily . The most important issue is the getting tanned part :/ . I am weeping right now .

Just 3 days back when I was back from vacation , I had all my cousins complementing me on getting fair . Guess China got into me more , LOL . But now , I lost it dammn so quick . Moreover my cousin is home and we both are having little of our girly time . She loves taking pictures . Again she wanted to shoot today on fleek and  I dressed up . Trust me due to this sun our shoot time was far less than the time I took to get dressed .

Coming to the outfit , as little girls we always love skirts . Above all floral is my way and summers is the best time to hang around with this . Purple top went with the skirt so well and the flats I recently bought at Shanghai in a store called C&A . I loved this store so much . So many products at absolute guilt free prices . I was lucky that they matched the outfit . My standout sling also can be seen in this post that grabbed my attention the minute I viewed it .

Hope you guys like this post 🙂









Top – Chemistry , Skirt – Forever 21, Bag – Guess, Neckpiece – Macy’s , Bracelet – Gifted , Footwear – C&A

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  1. Babes says:

    I don’t know what made you so confident to post! But you’re sure as well “dang girlll” at it.


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