In my Own Barbie World

I have resisted this post for quite some time and realised yesterday when I wore it out for a family get-together that it has to be on the blog right away . Not that I’m being decisive about the outfit , yet contemplation is always a girls problem . A few weeks ago Mana Shetty had an exhibition called Araaish at Hyderabad City . The moment I knew Madison is putting up a stall, I couldn’t be more glad . Using my birthday as a leverage I shopped this beautiful silhouette from the store – a Fuchsia Crop top and floral printed Midi- Skirt .

Madison mesmerised me when I walked into its stall -The digital and floral prints , perfect fittings , co-ords  fever , the minimalistic hue culottes  , new ruffle into skirts and many more eclectic silhouettes. It had everything from an eighties to a glam bam look. It literally took me an hour of decisions and decisions to finally settle onto this piece . I also bought an off-shoulder beige bustier which is like the exact and perfect fit to my body. Coming to the skirt it stands up a little and trust me there is no hem as such to support this , it is just the quality of the material that the store people have used to make it look this resplendent .

You can wear this outfit to a brunch with your girls or with your family with decent accessoring and choice of heels . To make it look more sophistiicated I used the pearls with this attire and spiked fuchsia stilettos . Summoning it with a dark blue sling to take it up a notch .


Crop Top & Mid-Skirt – Madison, On my neck & Earrings – Random Exhibition , Spiked Stilettoes – Stylist Womaniya , Sling – Accessorize , Ring – Rosabelle Treasures

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