New Years Eve 2K16

A new year has just begun , hoping to have amazing moments than the previous one that I could cherish for a lifetime . Talking about 2015 , it played pretty well with my good side and helped me grow into a better person . Things falling into place has led me learn ” Stuff that happens to you whether good or bad is meant to happen and foresee a best outcome ” . Don’t dwell upon the past , make this day happening by anticipating a happy morning before hand . Haha , too much peptalk , yet truth to be told !!!

New year’s Eve is one of those days when we get our minds going off the track – partying , clubhopping , house partying and other stuff one feels relaxed to do . The one piece that mesmerises your eve without extras is a Maxi Dress . A fish cut has gone off the trend lately but experimenting hasn’t stopped . This time I tried out a floral maxi with a fish cut at the bottom , just the way it must be – PERFECT for a nighout . The canny part about this outfit is that , it is not so lengthy and if one is not so good with high – heels dancing on a club night  you can just wear heels on little length and avoid cumbersome and rock the floor . To just notch up I added the red heels and a purple pearl bracelet .

Have a kickass year ahead and Thankyou for supporting me all throughout my blogging journey of 2015 🍸✨💞

Keep coming back #Sculptlook ❣

Maxi Dress – HighFiveBrands, Bangkok ; Red Heels – Carlton London ; Clutch & Bracelet – Gifted ; On my Lips – Burtbees Rogue

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