Adorn the Cute Side

It is hard to find cute dresses to adorn lately . They have their say in going on with any body type and size . To accentuate the adorable side of a girl sometimes one needs a hairband , a bow , a pair of perfect stilletoes or floral something . But ,here I get to show off my cute era with a lace pink dress from a store called Prymstyle . Prymstyle has these absolutely affordable and charming fits of all outifts that any girl or guy would look out for . I always had a pessimistic feel about dresses that contained an elastic at the waist level . It carried an illusion of potraying me a little plumpy than usual . For a second thought , I looked perfect in it when I tried and my illusion became an optimistic visual of how wonderful I felt wearing the dress.

One needs to give it a try before jumping unto conclusions . You may never know how things turn out to be this time . Being a different person everytime and experimenting with your own self all the time is a hard decision but one to contemplate on . Pushing boundaries to find who you really are is scary and needs lot of audacity . If you head forward succeding in it , the true essence of self – respect in finding the real you is utterly satisfying till an extent of infinity . With a new year ahead I figured out trying to find who I really am and maybe even I don’t succeed at some stuff , it gives me the pleasure that I am the person who I believe to be . Maybe I am not a fighter but if I believe in something , I stand up for it . This is something I have learnt in a hard way and would like to keep it in me forever . There is something we all want to look up to and strive hard for it no matter what.

Coming to how I styled this pink outfit , it didn’t take much expect for a little denim touch here and there . For the latter side , I added these little goodies I recieved from Wooplr a while ago to pump up the funky side of the look . The transparent shades and denim loafers were the perfect match and I was good to go . Thank you Wooplr for such amazing goodies and for being the platform where we girls can inspire each other in this vividly established fashion world with the taste of outfits and prefernces on style one posseses.

Here are the pictures 🙂

Dress – Prymstyle ; Belt – Addons ; Bag – Guess ; Denim Jacket – Gap ; Shades – Fancy Pants Store ; Loafers – Lajpat Nagar , Delhi ; Cute Addons – From Wooplr

Photography – SREE VATSAV

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