Powerdressing !!

It has been a while since I made a post on my blog due to a few busy schedules and personal stuff going on . I am back for good now with a very interesting one . A belief that always witheld me was dressing right gives out an energising power within . Let it be a workday , chill dayout with friends , you need to know what goes along with your comfort zone to feel the enhanced energy to live the day without any regrets .

Today’s post is a congruence of the two most favourite trends that have been dazzling the runways and streets – Ruffle and Suede . The amalgamation of them striked to me as a flood and I was super happy with the result . It landed to be a corporate workwear look which is totally unexpected . I opted for a ruffled ice-blue shirt with a suede trend pencil skirt . The accessoring part was very simple to let the whole attire do the talking . So , a watch , duffel bag with suede footwear was enough to step out and have a great day !!!

Top – Zara ; Midi -Skirt & Earrings – Madison ; Footwear – Aerosoles ; Duffle Bag – Louis Vuitton ; Watch – Fossil

Photography – Sree Vatsav

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