The heat is at its peak which clearly showcases the summer . Stepping out is  a point to rethink . Keeping the harsh rays and its adverse effects of sweat aside , it is a season for minimal trends . Cold shoulders , denim , pastels and tie dyes . The most important step is to choose a suitable sunscreen for your skin according to its type . You wouldn’t want your skin to go through sun damage and aggravate acne troubles . The best option is to opt for a BB cream which would cater to all the needs – coverage , even out the complexion and SPF . 

Hand block printed outfits are eyecatching . They are an epitome of ” when style meets tradition ” . I got this beautiful summer ready outfit from a store in Jaipur . The attire is so comfortable and adaptable for the season .The pastel colours and impeccable frills made me create twirls with it . To create an antique look added the statement silver oxidised earrings . Going with my fortay of least accessorising added the white heels and I was good to go . 

A few pictures 🙂 

Dress – Koashee by Shubhitaa ; Earrings – Amrapali Jewels ; Rings – Accessorize ; Heels – makemechic.com 

Photography – Sambi Pachigalla & Meghana Medisetti 


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