Amalgamation with #WhySoBlue 

An amalgamation post is what I wanted to do since a very long time . Like a saying , Things turn out to happen good when you stop trying . This came out of no where . I wasn’t entirely dwelling on the idea of how to style this outfit in the most comfortable ways , but what is the outcome and how  aspirational it can be . Going with an unstoppable flow of merging various trends came out this look . 

I got this chic monochrome dres from a store called Why So Blue . It was a collaboration with the store by Wooplr . This made me diversify my options into vivid standards . The dress is so simple , chic and trendy that it would stand out when just worn like it . Digressing from simplicity , I opted for layering . Layering in summer ? A serious thought right ! It doesn’t have to be those huge jackets . For summer layering , a denim cover up is an easy go . Fine clothing to prevent one from tanning . To extensify the look , I added the statement earrings in gold and black . Obviously, my heart didn’t want to stop here . I went about adding a hint of my most favourite trend – “pop of colour ” with the yellow bag . Basically , I gave you guys three looks . Choose one out of the lot which suffices with your comfort zone . It can be worn as a perfect work day wear . 

A few pictures 🙂 

Dress – Why So Blue ; Denim Cover Up , Earrings – ; Bag – Miu Miu ; Heels – Steve Madden 

On my lips – Mac Brick-o-lane 

Until Next Time 🙂 

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