An Ethnic Retro Way 

A retro style outfit is an easy task but doing the same in an ethnic manner can sometimes be challenging . This attire’s  inspiration is purely from an Indian working woman with an addition of versatility .Referring to the term “working ” , I mean it includes the ones who do their daily chores for their family which goes unrecognised . A woman who can be authentic in her own antique way with the modern swag . Our society is fixed on a certain idea of how women must be and I say a lot of vacillation is necessary on this thought provoking concept .

Coming to the outfit , these are few pieces that I gathered on my recent shopping spree . First the crop top or blouse that dazzled me with its incomparable texture and colour . The pastel blues are a foresight one can never miss . The banaras pants with that glamorous red and most importantly the bell bottom cut that gives the retro feel . The fit of the pants is absolutely amazing , I didn’t have to alter it a tiny bit . The pants just fit like cinderella sparkle heels, just perfect . The accessorising was done right by the huge butta earrings . Taking this whole look up a notch were the smokey eyes in short the makeup created by Ghazala .

A few pictures 🙂

Crop top / Blouse : Raw Mango ; Banaras Pants : Vishwa ; Earrings : Purab Pashcim ; Heels : Steve Madden 

Makeup : Ghazala Khan 

Photography : Sree Vatsav 

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